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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Places to Sit!

We had the first of our new furniture delivered today! It was very fun to see the stuff we had picked out so many weeks ago go into our house! The couch is beautiful and we love the way it looks in the great room. Because of the way the sectional is laid out, it seems clear that we'll have to mount the TV over the fireplace mantle. Not my first choice but in the end should look pretty good. I love the ottoman/table. It's beautiful, perfect for putting your feet up and echoes the dining room chairs nicely.
The fireplace tiling detail is finished. It looks amazing. 
The dining set is even more beautiful than I remembered! The table opens up to provide more seating for when we finally meet some people to invite over! We both love the bench seating on one side of the table which allows for a clear view out the new sliding door that sits adjacent to the the table. The dark wood floor looks great under it all. The new sliding door is beautiful. Two more still need to be installed, one off the living area, one off the master bedroom.
The master bath is near completion. The mirror was installed on Saturday and the backsplash finished. There are some minor fixes that need to happen in the room and the shower doors needs to be installed but soon it will be completely finished! I love it. We moved our stuff over the that vanity and it will be so nice to have a new, clean bathroom vanity area that doesn't have to double as the kitchen sink! It's all so beautiful. It feels very luxurious and sometimes I can't hardly believe this is my home!
There are still many things that need to get done but it's mostly all finishing work now, except for the major step of countertops and kitchen sink install...I'm hoping that will happen no later than one week from Wednesday. There are bookcases to assemble, counter stools to put together, lighting to finish, a rug for the dining area, and blinds for the windows in the master bedroom. We need a desk and we we'll need some other accent pieces. We probably won't buy too many more things until the shipment from Sweden arrives so we know where we've landed with that stuff.
I'm chomping at the bit wanted/needing to get further unpacked and establish a better sense of being settled. That is slowly but surely happening and so far, I continue to love how our home is taking shape.