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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Big Day Yesterday

After tolerating the residual from the texture spraying in the bedroom and bathroom, we awoke to painters and plumber ready to work their magic! I was pretty excited about the day. Appliances were coming in the afternoon and the countertop guy was coming in to measure! I left for my water aerobics class and when I returned home, I discovered Doug working away! He had removed all the stuff from the extra bedroom and was busy pulling the wooden slats off the walls of the closet. The house was in full chaos mode again but with paint going on the walls of the master bed and bathroom and carpet being installed next Wednesday, we'll soon be settling into our new bedroom! Carpet is going into the extra bedroom as well so we had to get the work in that room done by Wednesday.
The next step was to remove the lovely popcorn ceiling. It's a wonder that this horrible design feature was so popular throughout the 60's and 70's. I give Doug all the credit. He removed the entire ceiling! What a messy, horrible job that it. You wet it down and then scrape, scrape, scrape. This is what a popcorn ceiling looks like on the floor! The next step was to remove all that junk and pull the carpet. The carpet came up easily and now the room is almost ready for paint and carpet! We are replacing the window and had to move a water pipe that was fitted in a really strange way. But that's done now and will look so much better hidden in the wall. We won't replace the long closet but instead buy an Ikea closet to put against the wall. The room is a good size and will be a great spot for guests!
Unfortunately we discovered a gas leak in the gas line so that needs to be fixed. The worker said it would be easy to fix. He had to turn the gas off that supplies the heater and the range but we're not using either of those right now!
Mr. Countertop measurer arrived midday and after taking photos and using his fancy laser machine, our order was done. They say 2 weeks. I hope it will be faster as the kitchen sink is installed at the same time. Tanner, of course, had to be in the middle of it all!
The paint in the master looks great. These photographs don't show the true color. The blue is the same blue throughout the bed and bathroom but the lighting really causes a variance in appearance. We both love the combo of toasted white and sanctuary blue. It's soft and soothing. The blue in the bathroom will offset the gray floor, white shower and dark vanity with a white counter and sinks beautifully. The painters are great guys and they do a wonderful job! 

I have begun to think about our stuff as it floats across the pond. Delivery is delayed until late March due to port strikes in CA. The strike is over but the backlog is incredible. It's fine with us as we don't want the stuff to arrive until we're ready to move it into place! But in my mind's eye I'm beginning to think about where to put things and how lovely our stuff will look in this new home. We are both looking forward to having our queen size bed back!                                                                                                  
At 5.00 p.m. the doorbell rang and it was the appliance delivery! The range and the dishwasher could not be hooked up yet due to gas and plumbing issues but soon that will be taken care of as well. But the refrigerator is beautiful and fits perfectly and I'm super excited to not have to deal with the mini-fridge anymore! But I will say it did its job well and I am thankful for that.And that range is gorgeous. The interior is huge especially compared to my Swedish oven that didn't allow me to put more than one thing in the oven at a time! I am super excited about having a gas range! I have cooked with electric for years and have never really liked it that much. We have a few more steps to take with the gas line before we can use it but soon enough we'll be baking and cooking up a storm!  We are also excited about having an ice maker! No more filling ice cube trays!
The appliances went into place perfectly and it all looks fabulous. Again, kudos to Doug for measuring accurately and getting the entire kitchen scheme right! 
So things are definitely taking shape! Seems like within 2 weeks now we'll be more fully functional. Our current set-up is like a hotel room! It works. Poor Tanner. He's a bit confused about all the moving. He wanted to go into the extra bedroom last night to sleep even though he had snuggled into the bed before we had!
The wind was howling last night and the noises were scaring him so he went and hid in the laundry room for awhile. Eventually he found his way to his little bed and slept all night long. We've all avoided crashing into the sliding glass doors!
There is still plenty to do in the house. The electric is still not fully hooked up and there are many small jobs that still need to get done. But in due time, I think we will have a beautiful home to settle into. I'm thankful.