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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Out With the Old

More finishing touches are happening every day. I am awaiting a call from the countertop installers. They are to arrive between 11.00 and 13.00 today! I'm a little giddy with excitement. There are 5 guys here today painting, working on the outside stucco, finishing off the cabinets and kitchen island, finishing up the door frames around the sliding glass doors, and working on the guest bathroom. Doug worked like crazy yesterday tearing everything out of the guest bathroom! It was a joy to see it go. I've rarely seen such ugly fixtures. The empty bathroom looked a lot better than the one we've been using! It's really hard to appreciate the awful color that is on the walls right now. It will be wonderful when it is transformed into a tan and white bath!Happy to see these ugly fixtures lying the garage instead of in the bathroom!
Today they are to patch the drywall around the shower head, paint the room, and install the toilet and sink vanity. We aren't doing any major structural change in this bathroom so it's all cosmetic and should go quickly. We have friends arriving on Friday so we need two functioning bathrooms by then!
I took a shower in the master bath for the first time yesterday. It's a huge shower. Only drawback is that the shower head is a little too tall for my reach. I have to stand on my tippy toes in order to change the flow of water from the head to hand held wand. But it was nice to shower in such a lovely, new, light space. We still have to install the doors on the shower, but at least the splash from the shower mopped up well and the tile needed to be cleaned anyway!
Towel bars are scheduled to arrive today.
Doug is working on the fixtures for the walk-in closet. I wish I could help him but I'm really bad at stuff like that. I continue to clean and organize, my forté.
One nice project we're taking on is the re-finishing of a lovely china hutch that my Uncle Mel built. It was in his home and my cousin didn't have use for it so we said that we'd gladly take it. Doug removed all the hardware (of which there was a ton!) and sanded it down. Now it's ready for paint, which is the part I'm going to undertake. I'm thrilled to have a piece of his furniture in our home and the Royal Copenhagen china I have coming in the shipment will look fantastic in this beautiful piece.
My desk arrived and an extra chair from the dining room set looks great and functions well with it.
Tanner continues to enjoy all the activity around the house and likes to be in the center of it all. He also really loves riding in the golf cart and gets pretty excited when we decide to take a ride.
The evenings continue to cool off beautifully and we've been getting out to play golf around 4.30 on many afternoons. We can play 18 holes in 2.5 hours and it's fun being out as the sun sets. My game is not as pretty as the evenings.
The yard continues to dazzle as new blooms appear on the cacti. 
I continue to love the desert. My deepest longing is that my loved ones lived a little closer so we could be enjoying it all with them.