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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh Yes! We Have Water in the Kitchen!

Today was a great day. I left the house with lots of work going on to connect with some family friends. The couple I visited has known my parents since I was about 6 and their daughter was in town. My grandmother used to babysit for this family and we have always shared a special bond. Through the magic of Facebook, we've kept up. The daughter was in town this week and her folks live in Palm Desert so I drove over and spent the afternoon with them. It was such a delightful, wonderful connection to my parents and life growing up.
I then ran a bunch of errands, making my obligatory and delightful stop at Trader Joe's. Then I zoomed home to see what had been accomplished. I was NOT disappointed!
Friends...WE HAVE WATER IN THE KITCHEN! For the first time since we moved here two months ago, I washed my hands in the kitchen sink tonight! The faucet looks great too! And the dishwasher is hooked up. See that little green light on your upper right?It means the first load is being washed! Oh happy day!
And to continue the joy..the oven hood has been semi-installed. They needed another part so we had to pull the range and turn off the gas. I guess too much joy in one day would over-excite me too much. But the backsplash is in and looks fantastic. The tile inlay for the bay window is just gorgeous. I treated myself to some Easter lilies to celebrate!
The guest bathroom is almost done!
New floor tile in the guest bathroom
It does have a functioning sink, toilet and shower. The medicine cabinet/mirror needs to be installed. Lovely tan walls with white trim now graces the space!
Doug worked hard at putting the new door knobs on the doors and we both dusted and dusted. The towel bars in the master bath look great. There's been a delay on the shower doors so we're just showering Swedish style...water all over the bathroom! Keeps the tile nice and clean!
To top things off, Tanner received his pet license in the mail today! He's a real CA dog now! (And legal!)
Tonight while making dinner and messing around in the kitchen a bit, I realized how much I've missed cooking and having a functional kitchen. We have dear friends from MN arriving tomorrow and Jill is an awesome cook! She can help me sort things out and stock what I need in the cupboards.
WOW...I think we're going to survive this renovation. I can hardly wait now for the Swedish shipment to arrive!