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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cabinets and Windows!

Once the paint dried in the main room and kitchen, we were ready to begin installing the cabinets. What an exciting step this is! The final product is now slowly being revealed and so far so good. A huge plus for me was getting the paper covering off the floor and removing the copious amount of dust that has continued to accumulate! The thin layer of white grit lives on but it is much, much better.
The guys worked hard on getting everything in its proper place. Overall, we're quite pleased with the design and functionality. The thing about cabinets is that they do require a lot of work to get set-up. It's not only the nailing them to the wall part but now we have to put in all the shelves and drawer liners and choose pulls for the cabinet fronts! But those are small details.  The island will look much better with the end caps and backing in place!Now the countertop guy can come out and measure and with any luck within 2 weeks we'll have counters and A KITCHEN SINK! What a joyous day that will be.
Meanwhile, we shifted our gorgeous living room back into the great room so the guys could cut and install new windows for the master bedroom. The floor looks so great! Cutting new window openings created a huge mess but fortunately we could seal off that end of the house and not have to live in and around all the residual. The natural light that now streams into our bedroom is magnificent and I love the way it looks.
Now that the windows are re-fitted, they can paint the bedroom and finish the electric. Then we can install carpet in the bedrooms. Appliances come Friday! I won't know what to do with a grown up refrigerator! I am looking forward to having ice again. That is one thing I have really icy cold beverage!
There is still loads to do and sometimes I wonder if this really will all end. But for just being 4 weeks in, I'm super pleased with how things are taking shape.