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Friday, March 20, 2015

Finishing! Touches!

We are 50 days into our reno having been back in the USA for 51! All of the major stuff, except for countertops and kitchen sink, which will be installed TUESDAY (insert happy dance here!), is D-O-N-E! It's a bit hard to believe that we are really almost ready to receive our shipment, which is due on our doorstep on March 30 and settle in and begin living in our new home.

We are thrilled with how things have turned out. Our color choices, fixtures, design, etc. are all wonderful to see as we begin to see the finish line. The past few days have been filled with lots of little jobs. One job that seems little but wasn't was affixing the cabinet pulls. We love how they look, feel and function. 

The windows are now all in place and look great. Because we had to cut the exterior of the house, the guys needed to do some stucco work. I've never seen it done before and it was kind of fascinating. That will be painted tomorrow.

The interior window sills have also been finished off and look really nice. The new sills under the windows looks great and doing it in this way allowed us to keep the shutters which are a great feature for the house. Can you picture my new desk sitting under that window? Look forward to writing in that space.

The interior painters returned today and finished up the feature wall. Isn't it gorgeous?! While they worked, I pondered my March Madness bracket. I absolutely love it and can't believe how perfectly the paint and the tile fit together.

The interior doors  and baseboards also got coats and coats of semi-gloss paint. The entrance to the bedroom looks fabulous now with the white door and blue surrounding walls. 

The bathroom door is equally compelling between the sanctuary blue walls. We still need to install the new doorknobs. That'll also happen tomorrow.
Outside the plants continue to bloom. I am impressed with the colors and bounty of the desert. 

Of course, the entire guest bathroom still needs to be gutted and re-done but it's mainly cosmetic updates and paint. No shower or tile work. And the oven hood needs to be installed. And the interior of the closet needs to be put together and installed. We need to keep figuring out where things need to go and the dusting never seems to end! But all in all, we love hanging out at the end of the day, imaging how this house will become a home.