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Monday, March 2, 2015


We came home Saturday after being gone for several hours to discover that there was paint on the walls! My excitement was curbed upon impact when we saw that they had put the wrong color on the wrong walls.                                                                                                                                                  
 They had chosen the lighter shade of blue for the great room area but that was intended for the master bath and bedroom.                                                                                                                                         

Additionally, they had painted the wall blue but that wall was to be done in the stone color so it was pretty much ALL WRONG.                                                                                                                                   
And we walked back into a huge mess because they had also done the ceilings which, fortunately for them, look great.  Even so, major grrrr.                                                                                                  

So, after meltdown number 2, and a dry gin martini shared with a couple of Chicago friends who were in town and popped over to see the mess on their way home from Joshua tree, I re-gained the mettle needed to carry on. First, I realized it's only paint, not tile or permanent flooring. Easy Fix. Second, I liked the color so on the right walls, I think it will look really nice! Third, I realized that I had high hopes for how much progress would've been made whilst we were out on Saturday. Renovating builds your patience. 'Nuff said. 

The next day we headed out for church, leaving behind a crew of 5 guys who were ready to make my painting dreams come true. When we got home, life was good. The colors were all on the right walls and it looks dreamy. 
The right blue for the living room is perfect and the smooth stone color was exactly what I had envisioned. 
The smooth stone color is so lovely against the white shutters. 

I was so happy. Except of course for the paint fumes and huge mess that again dominates my living room. 

The kitchen is shaping up and it will look even better once those white cabinets are installed!

The adjacent dining area looks wonderful with the blue feature wall on the back wall and the stone color surrounding the patio doors. 

My allergies have kicked in something fierce. I suppose between the voluminous amounts of dust, paint fumes, high desert winds, and the citrus blossoms coming out, my poor nasal passages were bound to feel a bit of sensitivity. The weather has gotten wintry for us, with lots of rain, temperatures in the 40's (ok, for like an hour), but in the 50's and 60's and just plain chilly. It would be good if we could use our fireplace right now but I'd be afraid to light it with all the paint hanging around.

The cabinets did finally arrive and they seem to be right. They look good from their boxes. Once those go in, I feel like I might manage to hang in there. It'll likely be 2 weeks from the day the counters are in for the countertop and kitchen sink to be all hooked up. Appliances are delayed until Friday. Carpet install is Friday. Furniture is ready but we are waiting.

So this week the goal is to remove the paper off the floor and all of the dirt, paint residual, mess that goes along with that. Install the cabinets. Make the final measurement for the countertops. Finish the master bath, paint master bedroom and bath. Move all the stuff out of the extra bedroom. Remove existing carpet. Scrape popcorn ceiling off extra bedroom. Pull bizarre and not attractive wood pieces from inside the closet. Paint. New carpet in both bedrooms. 

Everyone keeps saying that now it'll go fast. We'll see. At least I do like the paint we picked for each wall!