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Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Mistake, A Correction, and Some Other Cool Stuff

We didn't know that today was going to be an intensive work day for our crew, so when I got home from my Saturday morning yoga class and found 4 trucks and 6 workers milling around the house like busy bees, I was pretty happy. It was crazy inside. Turns out the small gas leak that the guys discovered yesterday required the digging of a trench in order to put down the new line. Tanner liked the trench a lot.  But when they were finished, the yard looked untouched and the gas works! See those beautiful blue flames coming up on my beautiful new range?! So exciting.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the house, the toilet was being installed in the master bath and the vanity went in!
It's huge and gorgeous. But, we realized one mistake after it was in. The electrical outlets were set too narrowly and the mirror would cover them. Oops. Fortunately, it was an easy fix.
It was hard to watch them cut them into the newly painted drywall, but getting those outlets in the right place was a high priority.
When we returned home after playing golf, it was all patched. Good as new once another coat of paint goes on.
 I love everything about the vanity, especially the faucets.
On the other side of the house, the closet where we re-fitted the pipe was drywalled in Additionally, a new window was fitted for the extra bedroom.Everything looks so good!
  We need to choose paint for the extra bedroom and bathroom. We're leaning towards the tan/sand family of color.
So in addition to the day being fantastically productive on the reno front, it was a gorgeous day and we got to play some golf. We played with a lovely couple who had lived in Orange County where I grew up. He had worked at one of the hospitals there so I just had to ask if he knew the doctor who served as my dad's football team Dr. Of course, he did. And he knew our family physician as well. It was really fun meeting someone who shared some history with where I grew up! And we played pretty well. And the weather was great. 
We are tired tonight but a good tired.