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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Well, not quite but big progress is being made. Lighting is almost 100% done.

It looks great and I love it. We did miss on putting a switch directly inside the master bedroom, but the closet light is there and hopefully we can figure out a good solution for not wandering around in the dark! I love the ceiling fans (gotta have them out here) and the island pendants look great.
Doug masked the kitchen bay window getting it ready for some spray paint. He looked like a little kid sitting on the window sill! Adrian jumped in and did the actual spray painting. 

Windows are being fitted around the house and the sliding glass doors of the right size are now here and ready for installation.
The extra bedroom got painted and I love the olive green accent color.
I figured I had to venture away from blue somewhere in this house! 
And the carpet went into the bedrooms.
I absolutely love the gray color and it looks fantastic in both room. I'm very pleased we put carpet in the bedrooms. It feels so nice on the feet! We have not had carpet for 17 years and Tanner had never felt carpet until yesterday! All of us love it. Doug and Tanner enjoyed a little carpet cuddle this morning to start the day.
Tanner got a big soapy bath last night and he's no longer emitting a cloud of concrete and drywall dust. He found his way onto the newly made bed in the beautiful master before we did!
We are happy to be sleeping in our new bedroom but we will be even happier once our nice bed arrives from Sweden.
The doors into the master bedroom and bathroom were hung.
They still need to be painted.
The backsplash has gone into the master bathroom along with the light fixture. 

Once the paint has been touched up, the ginormous mirror can be attached to the wall. Shower doors need to be installed along with the new shower fixture and then we are good to go!
The walk-in closet looks fantastic.
We just have to figure out the configuration of fixtures that we want in there. I love having natural light coming into the closet.
The tile is going in around the fireplace. We need to finish off the paint. The blue color will eventually line up with the tile and cover the wall space the width of the mantle to the ceiling. I doubt we'll use the fireplace this year as temperatures have already floated up near 90°F (32°C). But it looks really nice.
Our new dining room table, couch, and end tables will be delivered on Sunday afternoon. (Sunday! I was surprised too but that's the day they gave us). I will be thrilled to have a table and a new couch.
Our shipment from Sweden is scheduled to arrive around March 27. Countertops and that oh so critically longed for kitchen sink should be installed by March 24. I plan to move a desk we got from my folks into the living room today and Doug needs to put together some of the book cases that we purchased. We need a rug in the great room but it's in transit. I think it will look fantastic in our new space.
Another beautiful day is breaking here in the desert. The backyard is full of equipment and tools but the interior of the house is finally feeling a little more sane. I think within 2 weeks we'll be almost fully functional. Finger crossed!