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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We Have A Floor!

Today was SO MUCH BETTER! Thanks to all of you who encouraged me. I slept great, always helpful, and the rest of the floor went in today and it looks fabulous even in its uncleaned state! All of the spaces that previously had tile are now covered in the wood laminate. A major dust game-changer! I don't feel like I'm living in a cloud of smoke anymore! This photograph shows a major shift in the room. The new hallway is the entrance to the master and the previous entrance is the large rectangle on the wall to the right. I'm excited because that corner will eventually become my writing nook. Book cases, a new window and a desk will grace the space and I'm very excited about sitting in front of that window putting my thoughts down on paper!
We decided to pull the tiles that surrounded the fireplace. They were starting to fall off and overall not really in keeping with a final look that we wanted. The tiles above will also come down but the mantle has to come off in order for those to come down. We realized that the unused backsplash tiles from the master shower would actually finish off the space in a beautiful way and tie into the adjacent kitchen really well. The floor looks great snuggled up against the fireplace! I know you must all be laughing thinking about our fireplace in the desert but winter nights can get into the 50's F and there's nothing like a warm fire to provide a cozy space. And it's cheaper than heating the house!
The bathroom tiling is now finished. We love the contrast of the light shower with the dark floor. The double vanity is dark wood on the bottom with a white-gray speckled countertop. I cannot wait to see how great this is all going to look!
In other news, the golf cart is fine. The batteries need to regenerate after not being used for such a long period. We went to pick it up and I got to drive it home with Tanner as my rider. He absolutely loves the golf cart! He could not wait to get in!
We're home now, relaxing in the master bedroom. The concrete floor is not great, but carpet goes in a week from Friday. Our contractor bought paint today! A very exciting step.
Appliances are delayed until Monday. Furniture will likely come in towards the end of next week. It's in...we just have to wait until our contractor is done with all the sanding and painting. We have window installations that need to get done first because we have to cut new openings. We decided it was more desirable (and affordable!) to buy standard size windows and re-fit them rather than having to order custom windows to fit the existing spaces.
I really cannot believe what a difference a day makes! I'm back on track with excitement and anticipation! And I haven't even had to dust today!