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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shower Spaces and Outdoor Places

Doug spent the morning moving rocks around the yard and created some lovely rock borders and gardens around the rose bushes. It really looks nice and finishes off the landscaping nicely. Both the front and back yard look great with the trees groomed, the rocks rearranged and the sand smoothed out. Tanner likes having more things to pee on. He likes his yard quite a bit. He might enjoy basking in the sunshine even more than I do! We took him for a ride in the golf cart yesterday. He LOVED that! Wind blowing in face, ears flopping in the breeze...happy boy.
Meanwhile, back at the dust bin, our crew started doing the tiling on the shower! It is fun to see a final surface going up somewhere! We are very pleased with our choice and think it will look quite fantastic when finished. 
Am looking forward to the day when the master bedroom doesn't look like this!
We are managing pretty well. Doug creatively moved one of the boxed toilets so that it now functions as our living room table. It does help.
The side burner on our grill works great for skillet food. I cooked up some nice egg burritos on Doug's birthday and we enjoyed a good meal last night, grilled chicken, baked potatoes and green beans. I can't make the normal marinade I use so bought some yummy ginger, sesame, soy salad dressing from Trader Joe's. I went to give it one last shake before pouring it over the chicken and the lid was partially off. I didn't really care that salad dressing went all over the concrete floor!
One drawback is that when we use the microwave, we keep overloading the circuit so we have to turn all the other lights off in the house! Pretty funny. And I'm sick of washing dishes in the bathroom but at least I have running water. And, when I clean the bathroom, at least I'm also cleaning the kitchen! A bonus remains, the great weather we are having. We enjoyed our meal on the patio last night and were treated to this spectacular sunset. 
Life still feels like vacation...granted an HGTV vacation but it's still quite fun. I did take time to go to three favorite stores yesterday: TJ Maxx, Trader Joe's, and Bath and Body Works. I still like that part of being back in America. And I have managed to stay away from Home Depot for a couple of days! I am anxious for the floors to be installed because then the dust settles, we can get our appliances delivered and begin to see how things are shaping up more and more. But we're not quite there yet. And we've learned that the kitchen cabinets are delayed so instead of the 2 weeks as promised, it will be more like 4 weeks. UGH. That means no kitchen sink for at least 4 more weeks as the countertops take awhile to order to and install as well. But by then the master bath might be ready for use. One step at at time. And I can always go soak in the pool and jacuzzi when I've had enough.