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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Master Bedroom and Bath Taking New Shape

The plumber and the electrician were in yesterday which means we are actually making progress! It's still a bit fun living in a warehouse! Not having a kitchen is a drag but we've figured out how to make it work.
Yesterday major work unfolded on the master bedroom and bathroom. We are making significant changes to the bathroom in order to make room for a larger walk-in closet. The space is huge so we are seeking to maximize it to the best of our ability.
The wall that separated the bath from the bedroom came down and the wall along the existing hallway into the bedroom also came down. The hallway will become part of the walk-in closet and in order to create more space in the closet, we're shortening the bathroom width but pulling it further out into the bedroom adding length. So it will be a nice large space but a bit more narrow. I am impressed that Doug has been able to envision this and help our contractor fulfill his vision. He's got a flair for interiors!
I decided to throw some paint on the wall to see how that begins to look. We have chosen white cabinets with silver pulls, will have stainless steel appliances, and a backsplash in a gray/blue color mix. In the adjacent dining area, we'll have a feature wall with a blue/gray solid wall and main color being tan. There are as many shades of tan as there are of white so it's kind of crazy trying to get the shade that we want! Lots of small little paint can samples! Moving into the great room, around the fireplace we will continue with the blue/gray solid color around the fireplace and continuing on up to the roof. The rest of the room will be tan with the possibility of adding some color splash around the room. I don't think we have the colors right just yet but we are close!
Soon we will start putting the house back together again! It's fun picking everything out but sometimes very stressful! We agree most of the time but these are big decisions and we want to make sure we are both very happy with the outcome! We were laughing at Home Depot the other day, asking the clerk if they offer in-store marital mediation! He did say he will rarely allow a man to order something unless he's sure his wife has signed off on it! With us, it's the opposite. Doug definitely has the final word!