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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Demo Continues

We ran errands all day yesterday which takes forever! I haven't spent so much time in a car for 17 years! I'm thankful for the nice vehicle we have, a 2012 Honda CRV, that my mom and dad left for us. So yesterday was bank, cable office, and insurance office (sorted house, golf cart and auto insurance, still have to figure out health insurance!). From there it was to the county office to get a certified copy of the grant deed for our house, a stop at a flooring store to order the laminate wood flooring and then finally another stop at Home Depot. We picked up some paint samples so will throw those on the walls later today. The regular circuit these days is bank, Home Depot, Post Office! I'm thankful we have the time to deal with all of these details. So far I'm no so overwhelmed. The weather is gorgeous, hovering around 80F or 25C. The unique beauty of the desert is a joy to take in and as mentioned, we have time to take care of these nitty gritty details.
We returned home to find the entire ceiling of the kitchen area removed! Looks so awesome with the slope of the roof revealed now throughout the entire living area. The horribly ugly mirrored closets in the master bedroom have also been removed.It's amazing to see the space open up. The carpet is also out of the bedroom. It's a bit overwhelming how much trash is generated in a renovation project. I'm really thankful for our crew who are great guys and working hard every day.
We will be without the kitchen for about a month because it takes 2 weeks for the cabinets to come in and then another 2 weeks after that to sort the countertops. We've rigged a small space to try and find some semblance of order. We have our grill and a microwave oven and a coffee pot. There is also no shortage of convenience food and easy to prepare stuff but we don't want to eat junk all the time. Well, OK, we do WANT to eat junk all the time but don't think that we actually should!
So when the guys come today, they will tear out the master bath and continue to work on the kitchen space. It's actually pretty fun and so far, the chaos isn't making me too crazy. Again, being able to be outside is a big help.
I had a good laugh this morning when I realized that we have no kitchen and the floor is concrete, but we have a big TV and internet! Priorities, right?! Well, these little creature comforts help make this shell feel like a home right now! Oh, and that little creature in front of the TV is pretty great too!