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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bed, Bath and Beyond

In spite of the dust and lack of amenities in our "home", watching a house be gutted and re-shaped is pretty great. And I've been watching my favorite brothers, the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan, just to ensure that my Property Husband hasn't gone off some crazy renovation cliff!
Yesterday, the master bath was gutted in its entirety. I watched as they hauled the old tub away. You needed to pole vault into the old tub so seeing the rough out for a beautiful new walk in shower was quite exciting.
It's hard to explain what Property Baron von Dell has in mind but it is actually a great idea.
Where Doug is standing, will be the back of the closet. The bathroom moves about a meter towards the opposite wall, the existing studs come down to open up more space in the closet. The faucets are re-set for a double sink vanity.
We'll seal off the existing opening to the bedroom, push the bathroom in a bit, and open up space for a nice walk-in closet. Because we have so much room to play with in the master, we'll bring the bathroom out a bit. It requires moving plumbing and drains but our crew assures us that it can all be done! Because we sealed the existing opening to the bedroom, we had to create a small hallway from the living area into the bedroom. 
The electrician has been hanging around and he's a great guy too. He's been installing can lights in the kitchen area and installing new outlets. He colluded with me to convince Doug that the entire back wall of the living area should be blue! I think it will be a perfect accent wall and give the large space the pop and warmth that it will need. Just to the left of the blue post, where you can see a window shutter, is where I will set up my writing nook. I can't wait to have a cozy space in which to write!
Today they are cutting through concrete and digging new drains. It is loud, loud, loud and the dust factor has gone up 100%. 
We are staying with a shades of blue, tan and beige theme and think this color will look great in the bedroom. Appropriately, it is called sanctuary blue.

It's crazy inside the reno zone today, but it's a beautiful day outside so hanging on the patio suits Tanner and me just fine.