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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Shaping Up Inside and Out

The work has continued but the dramatic changes have been replaced for more subtle work of late. The electrician and the plumber and the air duct guys have been busy getting stuff done that we'll hopefully never have to see again. The dry wall is going up, being taped and mudded. And the bathroom shower is beginning to look like an actual shower! 
We picked up the tile for the bathroom the other day. Wow, that stuff is heavy. I'm so thankful that Adrian was there with his truck because I don't think our car could've handled the load. I'm also very glad that I didn't have to be the one to load and unload it!
We finally couldn't take the dust anymore so had the guys put down this lovely paper flooring. On the upside, the wood floor is in and ready to install when we are ready! It isn't perfect but it has indeed helped. With the assistance of a rug that the previous owner left in the garage, our make shift living room isn't half bad. OK, it's not half good either but I'm trying to be positive!Admittedly, the toilets will look better when they are installed in the bathrooms and not sitting in the living room. 
The new hallway into the bedroom looks really great. Of course, it will look better with the lovely new white door instead of the plastic wrap. I was dubious about this change, but must admit, it's going to be great.
 I still feel like I'm eating too much dust. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever feel like our house is clean. Everything is coated in dust!
But I continue to rejoice that we can be outside on the patio often. The weather has been spectacular. One of the better Februarys I can remember in recent years. Warm, dry, no wind, not even chilly overnight. It is indeed a saving grace when the interior space just starts to completely get to us.
We had our gardner friend up today to work on trimming the trees and fix some of the issues with our sprinkler system. The trees look so good now. I'm very thankful for the beautiful fruit trees in our yard. The three pink grapefruit trees are yielding some yummy morning treats and the lemons are abounding! I was surprised to learn that the last tree is a lime tree! I'm thrilled as I use limes a lot in my cooking.
We also got out and played a full round of 18 holes this morning.
The view from the first hole.
It was a spectacular day and we had a lot of fun.
The view from the last hole.
In spite of how messy the house feels right now, I still managed to enjoy a nap on the sofa in front of the TV. Tanner has pretty well adjusted and is enjoying a more leisure lifestyle.
A last blessing of this day was our neighbor coming over and inviting for dinner. The next question was a winner: "Do you like steak?" Looking forward to a nice time with our new friend.
Life is good even as I adjust to the crazy living space. I know it's going to be great and we will enjoy it very, very much.