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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reno Update

I dusted the other day which makes me laugh a little! All it did was attract more dust, but it made me feel like maybe I wasn't eating dust with every breath I took. I was kind of losing it with all the mess so sought to bring some order to the chaos. It helped. But as Doug says, petting Tanner is like erasing chalk on a chalkboard with your hands! The fear in giving him a bath is that while wet, he'll roll in the dust and then he'll be coated in a nice layer of concrete! Such is life in a reno zone.
I sorted through a ton of paperwork last night. The big hill to climb is taxes for 2014 for us and my dad. With the all the property selling (sold 2 homes) and buying (bought 1), along with the the transfer of accounts from my dad to us, there seems to be no end to what we need to report to the IRS. I will miss doing my taxes with a simple text message and no deductions. Hopefully there will be a little return along the way!
The construction crew continues to get a lot done each day and it feels quite exciting to see them installing dry wall! They have now enclosed the wall to complete the enclosure for the walk-in closet. The kitchen has walls and a ceiling again! The plumber installed the new pipes for the master bath. The electrician continued to get the wiring done. And I picked out new paint and I LOVE it! The tan/sand hue was bugging me and it was going far too yellow. I found this stone colored shade and it looks great!
We also knew that the gray color in the bedroom was going to be too dark, even for an accent color. So I found this beautiful, subtle white shade called toasted white and it looks fantastic next to the sanctuary blue! I think we've nailed the paint question!
We have also picked out tile for the bathroom and we are feeling pretty chic with our choices! 
The multi-color will be backsplash and accent tile in the shower. The small white squares are for the shower floor. The light square for the tile walls and the dark gray tile for the bathroom floor! It occurs to me that our house is kind of turning into 50 Shades of Gray for the home. Maybe that could be the name of Doug's new HGTV show! Bet we'd get a following!
One awesome thing that happened two nights ago was finding a free couch in the neighborhood! Only in America, right?! We were out walking the dog and all of the sudden we saw this not bad looking couch that had a sign on it that said, "Free for the taking." So I walked up to the door and told them that we'd like to take the couch! It was awesome! So we went home, dropped off the dog and took the car over to pick up the couch! We shoved it in the back of the car, tied off the hatch and looked like the Beverly Hillbillies on our way home! Fortunately it was only about a mile from our place because I was shoved in the front seat with several of the cushions and we were laughing at ourselves big time! Oh, did I mention it was a sleeper sofa?!
Anyway...we got it in the house, cleaned it up a bit and I love having a couch to sit on! It is so much more comfortable than our patio chairs! Tanner agrees. We decided that since it was free and since we found it on the street, we could allow him a comfy spot on the new sofa! We're pretty excited about adding this decor to our warehouse. Theoretically speaking, we could now have guests since we have a sleeper sofa, but given that the only running water in the house is the small bathroom, and the risk of lung inflammation from the dust is high, it might be good to wait a bit longer before coming to visit!