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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Demolition Day 1

Fortunately for us, "demo" of the house could begin right away. The crew arrived on Saturday morning at 8.00 a.m. and immediately began tearing away at the tile floor and removing everything in the kitchen! It was pretty fun to watch and even Tanner handled the noise and the chaos pretty well.
Tanner is adjusting well to his new backyard!
He liked all the people milling around the house!It is already stunning what has transpired. With the removal of the archways, the vaulted ceiling comes into view in the dining area and the entire space opens up in a transformative manner. I can tell already that this is a home we are going to love!
We spent some hours at Home Depot, a do it yourself store, and picked out kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring and carpet! It's all very exciting and will be great when the demo turns into reno! (Renovation).
It's odd living in a house with little furniture and no kitchen and yet, it's a project that is keeping us occupied in these new days of being away from our church. Our minds wander to our friends and church family across the pond and we wonder how it's all going. But it does feel good to be here without a time limit.
By day's end, we had no kitchen and half of the living room is now a bare concrete floor! We're improvising well. The coffee maker is in one of the bathrooms and the extra bedroom is functioning as our home for now! It's all tolerable because we can now see what awaits us on the horizon!
Fortunately the outdoor space is gorgeous and warm so we can sit outside a lot. So while the house is a mess, we do wake up to this view of Mt. San Jacinto from our backyard. The esthetics indoors are not so good, but just outside, it's pretty much paradise.