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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend at Sea Part ll

Saturday morning began with me officiating at a wedding that was held under these trees.  It was a gorgeous day, albeit a bit windy, but a pretty magical setting.  Congratulations Angela and Ed!  I arrived home and my darling husband had packed a delicious array of picnic food and we headed out to sea.  The first part of the afternoon, we simply dropped anchor in our harbor, swam, played with Tanner, ate and slept a little.  It was glorious.  Tanner loved being back in swim mode and wore himself out jumping into the water, chasing his ball, swimming to shore, swimming back to the boat and doing it all again.  He can't quite get back into the boat by himself, so when he swims, we all swim.  The water was surprisingly nice meaning you didn't feel as though you were going to hyperventilate when you jumped in!
As evening drew near, we headed up the sea a bit and picked up some good friends who joined us for an evening picnic on a rock in the middle of the Baltic sea.  This rock had beautiful wild flowers and interesting succulents growing all over the place.
Not sure why this photograph loaded sideways
This is one thing I absolutely love about Sweden.  You drive your boat somewhere, anywhere, find a spot you like, anchor, and enjoy.  We found a perfect spot.  The wind wasn't too strong, the sun was warm and bright, Tanner could roam freely and we enjoyed a lovely time.  The drive back into the marina was stunning as the late evening light worked its magic on the open sky. These are the days I treasure in Stockholm.  Warm, long summer days and nights spent in the company of dear friends in beautiful surroundings.  What a gift.