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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Midsommar 2011: Plats

We are very lucky to have such a wonderfully cozy little village in which to celebrate midsommar. I cannot remember when we first began celebrating midsommar with Hannah and Sven but it has been at least 8 years because our former dog, Lucy, was also part of the initial celebrations!  Mellösa is such a lovely little place.  We have come to love the stuga on the railroad (in fact, Doug and I and Tanner have taken over the old station house as our own private little stuga in the shadow of the big house!).  The village itself is quite charming with the big church that hovers over things, a beautiful lake where the swimming takes place, a lovely graveyard, active farms and beautiful flowers growing throughout.  Tanner is perhaps his very happiest canine self here in this little village where he gets to roam in the garden and swim in the lake. 
The cows are very happy and content here as well.  I think they look forward to when the strange American man, (Doug) comes by and moos at them.  Celebrating midsommar at the huge, tourist locations certainly holds its own value, but for us...the charm of Mellösa, our dear friends, and the wonderful traditions that we have developed in addition to the regular Swedish activities make us long to come here, year after year.  I can't think of another place I'd rather be than in this little town with our dear friends on Midsommar weekend.