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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Midsommar 2011: Förberedelser

The morning of midsommarafton (the eve of midsummer, which is the day the Swedes celebrate), the preparations begin! The conversation around the breakfast table is lively and warm.  Doug made omelets for all and we enjoyed anticipating the wonderful day that awaited us.  There was even some time to enjoy the morning sunshine in the garden.I am not a big fish lover but my dear friend Hannah, from Ghana, takes the time and effort to make gravad lax (cured salmon), the centerpiece of the Swedish midsommar meal.  I always have one piece of Hannah's lax smothered in her delicious mustard sauce!  But there are potatoes to peel and strawberries to clean and cream to whip and tables to set and flowers to pick!  I decided to make my own wreath this year, a crown of flowers!  I have never done this before and while my "krans" looked a little crazy, I guess, a bit like me, it was fun to have accomplished this task!  It lasted through the first toast and I was satisfied with that.  The boys did an exemplary job converting the ping pong table into a beautifully set midsommar table!  Soon, the dancing around the midsommar pole would start.  The preparations were almost complete...the party was about to begin!