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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Midsommar 2011: Maten

Finally, it is time to eat!What a beautiful table we had this year, the best ever!  Cured salmon, herring, baked spare ribs (not traditional, but delicious!), eggs, boiled potatoes, sour cream and chives, dill, hard bread, radishes, salads, wines and snaps (vodka). Sven is at his happiest when eating this meal! Perfect.  Toasts abounded, conversations were had, joy expressed!  Just when we thought we had had enough, Opokua appears with her amazing strawberry, meringue, ice cream creation!  Towering high over the table, it's beauty was only surpassed by its taste!  We ate every last bit!  I was full and satisfied and completely content by the end of our beautiful midsommar meal.  Even Tanner was happy and content when dinner finished!