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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amazing Ibiza

This beautiful island paradise is known for its fabulous night clubs and wild parties.  But there is another side to this lesser Balearic island however and we just spent a week taking in the beauty and tranquility of the lovely coastline and wonderfully warm people.   We stayed on the quiet "made for older people" side of the island in the charming community of San Miguel.
The view from our balcony
Our hotel was perched high above the sea overlooking a gorgeous bay.
The weather was spectacular with bright sunshine, warm-hot temperatures during the day while cooling off nicely in the evening.  The sun set at about 9.25 which is a full hour and a half earlier than Stockholm and it stays dark all night.  I slept a lot better with a full night sky draping our windows over the night! 
 The water was crystal clear and the perfect temperature for cooling off.  We spent our days floating on our air mattress rafts either on the shore or in the water.  The sun was intense and I found out how easy it is to get a sunburn.  I had been quite careful except for the first afternoon when I casually flipped over on my stomach and am still paying the price of an exposed back without sunblock.  I have not been that stupid since I was a teenager!  The sun was so relaxing and the nap so refreshing that I just forgot about the critical step of protecting my skin.  Even so, the slight cool breeze that seemed to always be present kept it comfortable enough to enjoy the sunshine for a long day.  The heat of the day came in about 3.00 and from then until 5.00 pm it really roasts.  From about 5.00 p.m. until 7.00 p.m. it's calm, cool and tranquilly beautiful.  Then the sun begins to set and an immediate change in temperature occurs.  The heat ebbs, and the cool air settles over you.  It’s easy to enjoy being outside in shorts and a light sweater.  Reminds me of a California summer.  I suppose many things about Spain and its surrounding islands remind me of California summers and perhaps that is why I resonate so clearly with being here.  There are fewer things I love more than to be alongside the sea and the fact that the waters are so clear and warm increase that enjoyment one hundredfold.