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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Midsommar 2011: Dans Kring Midsommarstången

One of the highlights of going to Mellösa is the charming sense of village togetherness one experiences when attending the festivities around the Midsommarstången, the midsummer pole! I think Swedes are born with these songs and dances in their minds and hearts and it is a joy to see them engage each song and dance with such vigor year after year.  We saw the farmers drive the midsommarstången to the village center!  So exciting! 
Here we are one more year with our dear friends Hannah and Sven
And our motley international crew adds color and variety to the gathering! Tanner loves to watch the world go by and the free ice cream at the end of the celebration is always a fan favorite!  I don't really know the words to the songs in full, but have learned enough bits to get into the action.  I know we do our household chores on different days of the week and of course, we act like frogs and dance around whilst exclaiming that frogs have no ears or tails.  It is absolutely nonsensical and we love every minute of the joy.