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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Midsummer's Night Dream

This year was special.  I'm not sure if it was because Doug was leaving for the US the next day, or because we missed it last year but there seemed to be something a bit more magical about the entire celebration this year.  At any rate, I'm savoring the memories of these days spent with our close friends celebrating this most Swedish of all holidays.  Friendships forged over years are very special.  The Akuffo-Brittons have become extended family to us here in Sweden.  We laughed as recalled with their two younger girls that they were a mere 10 and 11 when we first moved to Sweden 13 years ago!  All around the table are young adults now.  Forging a bond with Hannah's oldest daughter who lives in Britain has been very special through the years as well and her husband of one year fits right into this nutty gathering!  I'm not sure that we would do much on this day if not for the little place in the world called Mellösa.  Barbro and Bell live there and our annual reunion remains a highlight for us.  Hannah and Sven always gather a most interesting crew of people from around the world and there is always something interesting to talk about and something funny to laugh at.  The day always end with a walk to the lake to see who will dare to take the midsommarafton swim.  This year, the air was far too cold for me, but Doug and Sven made their way into the water.  Walking home in the late twilight of these wonderfully long days I am filled with joy by the love and friendship that surrounds me.  It is indeed a blessing that I treasure.