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Monday, December 21, 2009

Advent day 23

Today is the long awaited winter solstice! The daylight grows longer now instead of diminishing. While it's only 2 minutes per day right now, it really makes a difference knowing that we are getting lighter by the day instead of darker.
Christmas is growing nearer now too. I baked cookies today and wrote my grocery list. I'm thinking about the sermon I need to have ready for next Sunday as Thursday and Friday I won't be working on it and don't think it'll be the first thing on my mind on Saturday! I'm pondering the prayer I will pray on Christmas Eve. I'm thinking about the 100 or so people who will come through the house on Friday night. It's all exciting and filled with anticipation. I want people to come to our service on Thursday at 16.00 and to stop by the house on Friday night from 18.00-21.00...not because of what I have to offer, but to share what Christ has to offer. Christ is the one who showers us with unconditional love and offers us unlimited hospitality...a place to belong in the grand scheme of be a part of his body, the church. I am so thankful for our church and the way in which our congregation loves one another and welcomes the stranger into our midst.
Today is also my parent's 52nd wedding anniversary. I admire the way they still love to be together and take time to acknowledge their love. No longer with fancy gifts or lavish celebrations but by sharing life together and enjoying the moments they've been given. 2 years ago we were quite uncertain if mom would be alive for their 50th anniversary celebration. Now it's 2 years down the road and she is back to a high quality of life and we are all so thankful.
I am thankful for the growing light of day, the consistent light of my parent's love and the ever present light of Christ to show me the way.