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Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent day 20

This photograph was taken today at 1.15 in the afternoon. The light is almost at its dimmest. The solstice is Monday. Even though it stays really dark for quite a long time after the solstice, a mental change takes place when I know the days are no longer growing shorter. A glimmer of hope erupts within me knowing that now, however slowly, the daylight will grow more prolific each day and I feel that I will survive the dark season once again.
It's profound for me to consider how much the light of day affects my mental outlook. I am reminded yet again that when my life reflects the light of Christ it also affects those around me. If I hover in darkness, it does not help anyone.
Today I wrote a note to a friend of mine who has recently suffered the unexpected loss of her husband. I told her that I would pray that the Prince of Peace would bring a deep comfort to her during this time of grief and loss. I also reminded her that Christ came to bear our sorrows and so she should let him. Easy words, hard actions. But just as the growing light of day helps me to cope with the darkness that envelopes us right now, so too, the hope of Christ's love and comfort pierces our dark emotions and gives us a reason to keep moving forward.
Today was actually a staggeringly beautiful winter day. I was acutely aware of my desire to get out and revel in the dim sunlight. Tonight I am pondering my acute need to revel in the light of Christ. Christmas is soon upon us. I am ready to celebrate the light of Christ once again.