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Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent day 16

These little caroler figurines have been in my family since 1969

I was a little blue today when I woke up. Not sure why, just felt a little down. I was happy for our day off and I was glad that we didn't have a day packed full of plans but then I felt guilty for not being really busy. What a vicious cycle we can get ourselves into. Drive ourselves crazy when we have too much to do, drive ourselves crazier with guilt when we actually have some free time to enjoy. The day itself ended up being a really nice day and I even accomplished some organizing tasks that I've been wanting to get at for some time. But it was also a day that was filled with quiet moments to read, sleep, and listen to music. I started the day by listening to Handel's Messiah. Not a bad way to set the tone for the day! Then I listened to my latest acquisition, Sufjan Stevens' Christmas album which is really growing on me. Doug suggested we go for an early lunch so we walked down the street to our favorite burger joint, The Texas Burger company...real deal burgers with great toppings and wonderful fries. We took a wander though town and returned home to take a nap. While I was napping I listened to some classic Christmas carols on this internet site called Spotify (Europe only). I had my ear phones in and it was very lovely to snooze whilst listening to these old classics. Then I decided to listen to a little Amy Grant, a total blast from my past but comforting and enjoyable none the less. We ended our evening with a concert at church put on the Hotel Birger Jarl. The musicians were great...the vocals not exactly our cup of tea but the sanctuary was beautiful and it was good to get out. We were with some good friends who came over after the concert and we enjoyed talking about many important topics.
As I ready myself for bed, I feel satisfied with my day even though I had some lonely, lazy, guilty feelings throughout. Listening to music throughout the day made a big difference for me. Hearing familiar songs done in beautiful ways helped to take my mind off of myself and focus on the themes of Christmas in a wonderfully inviting manner. The warmth shared with good friends at the end of the day was a big comfort and source of encouragement as well.

When you feel the blues coming on, put on some music and allow the message to transport your mind to another focus...certainly a focus that is off yourself and might even include moments of reflection on who God is in the midst of the Christmas happenings.