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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent day 21

Snowy, Snowy Stockholm. Took Tanner out to the woods again.

Tromped through the freshly fallen snow and marveled at the beauty.
Had dinner out in a great pub in Gamla Stan with good friends.
Talked about all manner of things. It was refreshing and relaxing.

My energy level is low tonight and I am very tired. I don't feel very inspired to write something great so I'll just say that I feel thankful for the relationships in my life.
It's been great to be able to walk the woods with Doug and Tanner again.

It was wonderful to get out and enjoy our friends tonight. I look forward to the week ahead when we will have many opportunities to be with people. I am thankful that God saw it fit to send his son into our world so that we could have a relationship with him.
God coming near...that's what the week ahead is all about.