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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Advent day 22, 4th Sunday

Well, the journey through Advent is almost complete. We lit the fourth candle during our worship service today and had a great worship celebration. I did the children's lesson during the service and showed a beautiful batik of a nativity scene that was a gift from Sri Lanka. I spoke of how we are about to celebrate Jesus' birthday and commented on some of "funny" characters that were invited to Jesus' birthday party...sheep and shepherds and kings. I asked the kids if they had ever had a birthday party in a barn. They giggled at that one. Then I asked them if they had to give presents when it was their birthday party. They said no, they get them! And I proceeded to share with them that that's the best part of celebrating Jesus' birthday...we get invited to the party and get the gifts! The gifts of God's unconditional love, his peace and his presence that follow us no matter where in the world we are. The four candles are burning brightly now...hope, peace, joy, and love. We wait now until Christmas eve when we light the Christ candle...the one who brings hope, peace, joy and love into our world. May these gifts be yours this week and beyond.