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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reflections on our Christmas Eve

It is now Christmas Day morning.  8.00 a.m. Still quite dark.  And quiet. I'm savoring the memories of our wonderful evening and looking forward to opening presents with Doug and then getting ready for our Open House.
We had a most wonderful Christmas eve.  The service was just lovely beginning with the lighting of the Christ Candle. The littlest one had the giggles when they first took their places.  But then he fulfilled his duties well by getting the tall, white Christ Candle lit.
It was particularly moving to watch this family light the candle as the father had lost his sister to cancer just this past week.  The service was filled with beautiful instrumental and sung music, and in keeping with our Dickens Christmas Carol theme, were encouraged to embrace Bob Cratchit's vision for generous and thankful and forgiving.  Not always so easy but a good sentiment to instill in our hearts.  Singing the old favorites, sharing in the lighting of candles while singing Now Shine A Thousand Candles Bright and Silent Night, savoring the joy of being gathered with our church family.
...these things I do treasure in my heart.After the service, we headed up to our dear friends house as has become our tradition over the past several years.  We delight in their hospitality and love being in their warm and beautiful home.  The kids don't live in Stockholm any more so we don't get to see them very often and we love being with them.  They are fantastic young people who add lots of joy to our lives.  I can't believe I didn't get a photograph of them together!
After a spectacular ham dinner, we indulged in this peppermint creation.  It was so good and so rich that the food coma of Christmas was complete!  We ended the evening by exchanging gifts and then played a game where you pass around loads of silly gifts by following certain instructions on a paper you draw out of a bowl.  It was a great time.
We were finally home at 12.30.  
Now it is early on Christmas morning.  I'm savoring yesterday before I begin making memories of today. 
Christmas Eve: A treasured worship service, time with dear friends, a Savior given.  Now that's what I call a great day!  
Even Tanner wants in on wishing you well!
Merry Christmas loved ones!