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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Advent Journey Day 15: 3rd Sunday in Advent

We lit the pink candle of joy today!  Rejoice!  After the service, we enjoyed the Children's Christmas program.  The premise was very cute...a group of stars: Shooting Star, Falling Star, Rock Star, Lucky Star, North Star, and Super Star were discussing the new star that arrived over Bethlehem.  One of the songs talked about what a great view they had to see all that God was doing in the world.  It was cool and cute!  One of the best schticks was when the good news was given to a "band" of shepherds.  The four shepherds kicked into action with their guitar, recorder, tambourine, and little hand piano!  Cracked me up.
I just love encountering the Christmas story through the eyes of children.  After all, the prophet Isaiah tells us that a little child shall lead us so perhaps there's something really pure and refreshing about watching the kids tell this old, old story in new and fresh ways.  It's always a day of joy when the kids do their thing...perfect for the 3rd Sunday in Advent...the pink candle, the candle of joy.  The waiting is almost over...another reason to rejoice!