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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Advent Journey Day 22: 4th Sunday in Advent

We made it!  4 Sundays of Advent have now passed and Christmas eve is the day after tomorrow!  We had a wonderful day today.  I preached on The Ghost of Christmas to Come continuing our series of contrasting Dickens' The Christmas Carol with texts from Isaiah. Because the love of God is so deep and his reach so long, it is never too late for us to begin living into a more hopeful future. But the legacy we want to have when we're gone begins being built today.  So start now to live into the legacy that God wants you to have!  The music was lovely and prepared us well for being on the brink of Christmas!
We had a special baby dedication today as well.  Little Isaac was born with downs syndrome and some serious heart and stomach problems.  We almost lost him a few times and the entire church was rallied around this family, praying for his recovery.  They spent months in the hospital.  They have an older son, who is 2.5 years old, and he's a real bundle of energy.  He was pretty excited about the events that were unfolding today! was the day to bring Isaac before the throne of God's grace and bless his little life. It was a great moment.  Baby Isaac was quite fascinated with Pastor Doug's microphone! The mother just rejoiced with total glee when we sang the song of welcome.   It was a special moment for our church family and for Isaac's family.  
So now we have just a few more hours until we celebrate the birth of Christ.  I hope your advent journey has readied you for the joy and celebration that now awaits us.