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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advent Journey Day 21

December 21st has always meant a lot to me.  It is the day my parents got married back in 1957.  I loved looking at their wedding pictures when I was a kid.  I thought they had the most beautiful wedding I could ever imagine.  And even today, as I look at these photos, it really was just a perfect winter wedding.  The men in classy black tuxedos and the women in red velvet...I envied that flower girl dress my whole life!I did end up wearing her gown when I got married, something I had always wanted to do.
And so today, for the first time in 56 years, my dad is alone.  And it's a little sad for me and I'm sure for him too.  I'm so thankful for the marriage my parents enjoyed and for the beautiful family life they created for me and my brother.  There are times when it's still hard to believe that it's really just me and my dad now, but I'm ever grateful that we share such a close relationship.  He's doing really well in spite of the loss and I'm really proud of him.  He still made peanut brittle and gave it out to people, he sent out an electronic Christmas greeting, he bought some presents for some children whose families he's close warms my heart.  He'll go to his club's Christmas party tonight and bring one of his specialities...deviled eggs.  They go in a hurry so he always keeps a couple back for him and my uncle, who lives across the street from him and also lost his wife a few months after my mom died.  Of course, this first go 'round with special events after a person dies is always a little tough but it's also a great day to savor the memories of the gifts that person gave to you along the way.  We miss my mom but we are thankful that she's no longer sick.  I'm so grateful that my dad is healthy and handling his new way of being and living with such grace and generosity.  I'll continue to look at the photos from my parents' wedding and feel the magic of that special day, 56 years ago, that gave me this wonderful life that I enjoy.  I know that their relationship was a great joy for both of them and it's still hard to believe that their earthly union has ended.  But we do look forward to the heavenly reunion that awaits us all one day.  For now, I'm happy to savor the many sweet memories of my mother and look forward to continuing to make many more with my dear father.  Peace to your memory today mom.  You are loved and missed.