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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent Journey Day 18

We watched a most delightful documentary tonight called "Becoming Santa."  It was about a man who wanted to add some joy to his life so he decided to go to Santa School (I know, right, who knew this existed?!) in order to take on the role.  It was surprisingly good and quite well done.  You can get it on Netflix if you are a subscriber.
I have quite a few Santas in my house.  
This guy sits up on atop our china cabinet watching over the living room.  He's big and lovely, all set for the Scandinavian winter with his skis in tow...although this year we've barely had a flake so it's a good thing he has sturdy boots too because it's mainly mud he needs to trudge through!  But as I watched film, I was struck by the wonder that Santa's presence brings into children's lives.  I suppose that's why it's fun to believe in Santa Claus and perpetuate the myth.  Have you ever played Santa?  It's pretty fun.  Kids love you and even if they know who you are, suddenly they are taken to a new place with you.  One of the more memorable lines in the film was how people find their bliss and live into it.  Have you ever considered what your bliss is?  And are you living into it? What brings you joy?  And what are you doing that brings others joy?  Often our deepest joy comes from bringing happiness to others.  I've been baking cookies and making toffee and having people over.  It's what I do at Christmas.  It makes me happy and it brings others joy.  What a great combination!  
I think that's why Jesus has told us that our deepest joy will be found in serving others.  It gives witness to the paradoxical truth that putting others first is good for others, but it's also good for us!  So find your bliss!  Wrap up a goofy white elephant present and have a good laugh with friends. Watch outtakes from a funny movie.  Do something nice for someone in secret and savor the joy you have brought into another person's life.  Maybe in our own little way it's how we all become a little more like Santa, oh and hopefully a little more like Jesus too.
Oh, and if you haven't seen anything that brings you joy today, here's a picture of one of Santa's reindeers that somehow ended up on our bed.
It's quite impossible in my mind to look at this and not be filled with joy!  HoHoHo.