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Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 23: Our Focus Turns to the Child

We are in the week of Christmas!  THIS Saturday is Christmas Eve. THIS Sunday is Christmas.  Time to pull our focus towards the main event, the coming Christ child.  What genius it was on the part of God to send his son into the world as a child.  Children have a way of seeing the world and giving expression to their thoughts quite unlike adults.  Children are disarming, curious, and adorable when seeking to tell the story of Christmas.  
Our annual Children's Christmas program was yesterday.  
The kids were great as they always are.  
They learned their lines and learned the songs.  Some learned a dance and everyone enjoyed wearing their costumes.  

The premise of the play was cute.  Three kings, along with wives who like things that sparkle, spot the star in the east and the women want to get their hands on the bedazzling jewel in the sky.  Along the way the kings are tempted by Herod's army to pursue power and riches but an assortment of characters steer them in the right follow the star and find the real gem awaiting them...the Christ child.  Cute and funny.  A reminder of how important it is to allow this age old story to be told afresh through the eyes of a child.   This week, look for ways to see the world through the eyes of a child.  Perhaps you will discover afresh why God deemed it right to send his son into the world as a child.