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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 22: The Fourth Sunday of Advent

Today hope, peace, joy and love joined us in our worship service.  All four candles shining brightly, heralding the coming Christ child.  I love seeing all the candles lit.  I love the progression that we've been following, the first candle of advent now a small stub, but still bringing forth light, heartened by the other candles that shine brightly.  Now only the Christ candle remains unlit and soon that light will brighten up even the darkest of places.  May your journey this week be one of hope even if you are despairing.  May you find peace in the midst of your unrest.  May joy be yours even if gladness escapes you and may you know in real and tangible ways that the love of God is surrounding you, always seeking to draw near to you with each passing day.  Amen.