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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 18: Cozy Traditions

Today we had our staff Christmas breakfast.  We all gather for a morning devotion followed by Julgröt...a rice porridge type of dish that I love.  Part of why I love it is because I don't make at home so when someone else makes it and serves it to me, it's a real treat.  The table is also filled with breads, cheese and ham.  The whole thing is finished off with pepparkakor and coffee, of course!  The chair of the church thanks us for a good year and we receive a nice gift from the church as well.  It's a cozy and pleasant way to end a busy autumn and advent season before many scatter for Christmas.  It's a lovely thing that the administration of our church does for the staff.  The effort, thoughtfulness and care given to gather us together, to pause in the midst of the crush of Christmas, and to give thanks to us for the year that has gone by is heartwarming and encouraging.  I feel thankful for being thanked today.