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Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 16: Just for Today

We're more than half way through our Advent journey.  How are you doing? Some of the poinsettias in my home are drooping a bit and maybe I am too.   Fatigue is setting in.  The excitement and wonder of the season is wearing off just a bit.  The dazzling light isn't quite as dazzling today.  One more Sunday in Advent, then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day worship celebrations this year with the high holy days falling on the weekend.  Will I have the energy and creativity to produce another good sermon?  Will I have the energy and excitement to host three more holiday gatherings?  Can I overcome some of the stress of daily life in order to find the quiet spot in each day where I savor the devotional reading that I'm seeking to accomplish each day during this journey?  Do I have enough ideas in me to keep writing this blog every day?
I don't know if I have two more weeks of this in me, but I do know that I have another day and that's all that really matters.  Just for today, I can find time to read, write, and savor the moment.  Just for today, I can appreciate the wonder of the Christ child's coming into our world once again.  
When we pray the Lord's prayer, we ask that God give us THIS day our daily bread and He does.  We can feel nervous if we want more than what we need just for today, but that's our problem not God's.  So just for today, find a moment, and it may be just a moment, to consider that in the midst of all that you are doing, God is busy readying the world for the celebration of the birth of his Son once again.  Just for today, know that our journey is not in vain, for as we wait for Christmas to be upon us, God is waiting to shower us with his love.  So even if the holiday lights are no longer dazzling, the light that is Christ is beckoning us to take just one more step in our advent journey.  I have another step in me.  How 'bout you?