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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 4: Hanging out in Palm Springs

As previously mentioned, I love Palm Springs. We returned from the cruise for a week long stay at my parent's house. They live in a wonderful retirement mobile home park called Sahara Park. My aunt and uncle also live there and through the years we've gotten to know many of the residents.The location of the park is hard to beat. Tucked up against the mountains and surrounded by palm trees, the morning sunshine breaks beautifully over those hills. We love hanging by the pool, (the best place to get caught up on park gossip).
We enjoy taking walks through the various neighborhoods that surround the area and eating grilled steaks quite often.
We had a couple of days of rain, rare for this time of year, so we decided to take advantage of the bad weather by heading indoors to see Avatar at an Imax theater in 3D. We were impressed. While the final battle got a bit "Rambo" for me, I was totally swooped up into the beauty and artistry of the film. The overriding theme of how wrong it is to oppress another people group simply because they possess something you want left a deep impression upon me.
We played cards with my folks, cribbage is our game of choice and I think right now Doug and are behind in games won by 2. You'd think Olympic Gold Medals were at stake given the level of intensity and competitiveness that emerges!
On one of the sunnier days we decided to hike the Indian Canyons. We both love this hike and try to do it at least once while we're out here. Because of the heavy rainfall in the desert this year, the water flowing through the canyon was deep and moving quite quickly. We had to take our shoes off 3 times and wade across in order to continue our hike. The combination of giant palms, majestic snow covered mountains and desert landscape is so unique. The wide open spaces are good for the soul. Love the beauty of that spot. (Click here for more photographs.)
We also played golf at one of our favorite courses, Mission Lakes in Desert Hot Springs. (Click here for photographs and more detailed information about the course.)My folks used to live on this course and through the years it has become a favorite. We had a great day and played with 2 guys who were good fun. I would like to improve my golf game, but that requires playing and that requires money, time, and a climate that invites you to spend 4-5 hours outside on a regular basis. We'll see how we work golf into our summer leisure time activities. (See the next blog for photographs).
Monday we head out on our coastal adventure. We're driving up the coast to San Francisco. First night stop will be in Morro Bay where we will play a round at the Morro Bay Golf Club, affectionately nicknamed 'The Poor Man's Pebble Beach.' Much more affordable than the real deal in Carmel.
Today is a day to soak in the sunshine, hang by the pool, take a long walk, eat Prime Rib and watch the Olympics. I love Palm Springs. It's a relaxing, beautiful place to unwind.