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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day One: At Sea

Day break, our first day at sea.
The first full day of our cruise was at sea which translates into pure relaxation with no real agenda! Having come from a winter climate we were hopeful for some sunshine. It was a bit cloudy and cool on deck, but the reality was that we were still outside in shorts! After a delicious breakfast, we went up to deck 15 for a walk on the ship's track. To our delight, we found a paddle tennis court and decided to give it a go. We weren't entirely sure of the rules, but applied basic tennis rules to the game and had a fun set. It was great fun running around the court while at sea! Afterward, we found our way to a deck chair and enjoyed sitting in the sun until about 1.00 when the clouds and wind finally drove us inside. Much to our delight, Julie and Julia was the movie of the day being shown in the ship's gigantic theater so we took in a matinee. I loved the book, 'My Life in France' and had been quite interested in seeing the film, so it was a great way to spend the afternoon. Formal attire was the protocol for dinner that night so it was kind of fun getting dressed up and enjoying a nice meal together. The entertainment of the evening was the comic/musician we so enjoyed the night before and we laughed and laughed while watching him perform his clever and silly act. What a delight to encounter someone with such a funny way of looking at life. And he was clean which made it especially nice.
In spite of the chilly afternoon, when I fell into bed at the end of the first full day, I did notice that my skin was turning the color of a cafe con leche and I was happy.