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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Four: Cabo San Lucas

For me, Cabo was the clear favorite of our stops. Sadly, it was the shortest of our stays as we had to be back on board by 1.00 p.m. We also met up with an old friend living in Cabo so the time we had to explore was really limited. Still, even in the brief time we had to explore the port, I could tell that this was a special place.
I woke up early enough to get on deck and see morning breaking over the stunning rock formations that define Cabo. The light was was breathtaking and it was great to start the day with such beauty. I watched as the morning fishing boats made their way out past the rocks in hopes of getting their catch of the day. At one point the moon was up in the sky as the sun was breaking over the horizon. Beautiful!The beaches looked beautiful and the water was crystal clear. You could see fish swimming around the area where we boarded the boat and anywhere you looked, you could see all the way to the sandy bottom. My big regret was not finding time to get to a beach and swim in that gorgeous water! The marina was lovely and the beachfront walkway was fun to stroll.Because the departure was as 2.00, it was fun being on deck as we left the port. We really only got a brief taste of Cabo and yet it left us wanting more. I think someday in the near future we'll figure out a way to take a long weekend break down there, get out on a fishing boat and enjoy the beautiful surroundings that took my breath away, if only for a few brief hours.
We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on deck and Doug was even lucky enough to see a whale breech just off the back of the ship. I had moved for "better viewing" and missed the whole thing, seeing only splashes and the spray coming up from the blow hole!
Oh well...I should've just stayed put!