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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Indian Canyon Hike

The Indian Canyon Hike is one of our favorite activities in Palm Springs. The entire area is so beautiful and different from the Scandinavian landscape we are to used to. When you first begin the hike, you descend into a small crevice that is lined with giant palm trees and a creek bed. The creek was deep and running quite fast this year due to the heavy rainfall the desert has experienced.Once you hike a ways you get out to a wide open area where the views of the surrounding mountains and valley are just breathtaking. There's just something about the desert that does my heart good. The wide open spaces, the harsh landscape, the wild beauty...I love it.
I love coming to this place year after year. This year it looked so different because of the water in the creek, the green on the hillsides and the prolific snow on the mountains. I was able to conquer the 5-6 mile hike once again!
The Indians Canyons will remain a favorite destination every time I pass by Palm Springs.