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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mission Lakes: A Fabulous Golfing Experience

When my parents first moved out to the desert in 1998, they moved to a beautiful little community on a golf course called Mission Lakes. Located in the then small desert town of Desert Hot Springs, the course turned out to be one of the best we've ever played. The holes are interesting and the views among some of the best in the entire Coachella Valley.I love this course and for some reason I tend to play it quite well. I broke 100 for the first time on this course...had to sink a 10 foot putt on 18 to card the coveted 99 and just a couple of years ago I actually had an 89. I haven't been close to either score in quite some time but hope burns eternal, especially when golf is involved.
From the moment you step onto the tee at number 1 until you are walking up the 18th fairway, you are staring a two sets of amazing mountains on shot after shot. The tee on hole number 1.

The tee on 18.One thing I love about this course is that at any given place on this course, you'll see palm trees, towering cypress trees and looming mountains all in the same look! And when you lose your ball in the desert, the surrounding cacti do not beckon you to go hunting for it! And while the desert is dry and thirsty, when you put a little water on it, it gets green and all manner of growth sprouts.
The tee at 2. My mom had a hole in one here years ago. I am happy if I manage to stay out of the water.
The signature holes at Mission Lakes are 11 and 12. 11 takes you high above the course where you tee off across the top of the ridge. The view from the 11th tee.The look back from the 11th green.
12 takes you back down with a tee shot off a hill top. Given the wind conditions I have used driver on that tee as well as a 7 iron. Golf is a great game with some downsides. I hate how expensive it is and that it is not so accessible for most of the population. But I have to admit that it is one of the hardest sports to master and that is in part what makes it such an interesting game. And all it takes is one sweet shot to keep you coming back for more. I didn't break 100 on this particular outing but I hit the green on a couple of par 3's, got par twice and felt pretty good about my game. Next time, I'll likely be ready to give up golf for life!