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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wacky Wednesdays Revisited

We have embarked upon our summer wackiness once again.  Here at Immanuel International, we do a five week Vacation Bible School (VBS) type program, once a week for five weeks instead of one week, every day.  It works great for us and we have incorporated an adult bible study/discussion time and our teen program into one great night for all ages, five Wednesdays of the season.
Oh, our summer program is small in numbers and is nothing like the churches in the US who boast 200-300 kids in a week's time, but our little format works great for us and gives people who are in Stockholm a gathering point during the summer weeks when many people leave town for 4-6 weeks at a time.
Truth be told, VBS has always been one of my favorite things in the whole world.  When I was a kid, I would attend as many as my mom would drive me to!  And as an adult, I was always up for volunteering in one capacity or another.  Over time, I learned that my personality is well-suited to being involved in the ham-it-up skits as well as being as action packed song leader!  Who doesn't love doing motions along with singing a catchy tune?  My inhibitions somehow get set aside when faced with the task of getting kids to laugh and sing about Jesus.  
Turns out my husband, Doug, likes it just as much as I do so when we started doing VBS together, we found that his ability to write incredibly creative and funny skits combined well with my willingness to do just about anything to make kids laugh!  We've been doing VBS together for 18 years and the joy-filled memories of all those summers just make me smile.  We hope along the way kids learned something about the love of Jesus and gained a favorable picture of how much fun our journey with Jesus and life at church really should be.  The church needs more joy and laughter. We hope to be contributing to that in some small way.
This year we are characters at SonRise National Park.  Doug is the ranger, Rocky.  I'm one of the wilderness challenge participants, Kitty Can-Do, an expert in EVERYTHING who needs to learn that life is not always about being number 1 but rather, more importantly, how we reflect God's character.  The funny thing is that if you've been around us for any number of the years we've been doing this, you'll see that our characters and the plots are basically the same year after year!  Doug is the wise leader, I'm the silly off-track one who miraculously learns how to follow Jesus every year.  Through a series of crazy antics we always seem to figure out a way to make everything turn out well in the end!  I'm really not sure who enjoys this more...the kids, the adults, or us!  And speaking of kids, these little guys were simply adorable.  They were moving the to music by the end of the evening!
So if you happen to be in Stockholm anytime between now and August 8, pop on in to Immanuel Church, Wednesday nights at 18.00.  You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll love.