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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blå Tåget: The Blue Train

This is easily the weirdest amusement park ride in the world!  For years, Doug and I stood outside of this ride, watching the little trains pop out from behind the wooden doors, small children screaming and looking terrified.  The outside of the ride is scary enough.  It's clear that the blue train is ride through terror!  Dinosaur type characters dot the outside of the ride.  The train is being swallowed by a devil type creature. But here's the kicker: The driver of the train is an anatomically correct female pre-historic creature.  Breasts and lower body detail firmly in place.  For the longest time we could not figure out why this ride was attractive for children.  It featured bizarre images and appeared to scare them to death!  
Our curiosity finally got the best of us and we bit the bullet and went on the ride.  We were supposed to be in the back of the car, but Judy and Olle jumped in ahead of us leaving me totally exposed in the front.
Back seat riders awaiting the thrills and chills!
I do not like scary things that jump out at me.  I decided it was a cultural experience that I could not live without.
 The ride begins with imagery that harkens church.  I know, right.  Weirder and weirder.  Stained glass windows and a creepy ghost-like priest against the backdrop of Frankenstein's head.  The ride took you through a series of things that go bump in the night jumping out at you and "scary" things intended to freak you out.  At one point something fell down on our faces.  Near the end, a door opened and a Quasimodo type character was sitting on a toilet, doing his business!  As I said, weirder and weirder.  Midway through the ride the train pops outside so the waiting public can see you!  Of course, I let out a huge scream just as we hit daylight!  
I really cannot figure out what this ride is all about.  I understand the spooky ride business but there were just way too many questionable images for my taste.  At any rate, now I can say I've been on the Blå Tåget at Gröna Lund.  I would not say it is a Stockholm highlight! I do think that it is a cultural experience you actually can live without!