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Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally...A Real Summer Day!

Chilly, cloudy, concrete gray days have dominated this summer.  It's tough when we have a non-summery summer as the winter comes with its short days no matter how much sunlight we've been granted during the longer days of the year!  The only bright spot has been that our boat has had some issues so we haven't been able to be out on it anyway. This morning we finally got an appointment from our mechanic to bring the boat in at 10.30 a.m.  We are lucky.  We can drive the boat across water to the place where our guys fix it.  The only bummer was that as we headed out, we could tell that this was going to be the best boating day of the season!  At least we enjoyed the ride over.  Then, our mechanic drove us back to our marina and took the boat back to his.  He said he could afford the time because it was a beautiful day and he didn't mind being on the water either!  The drive between marinas is only about 20 minutes.  So here we were, most beautiful day of summer 2012, sans boat.
Luckily, we had packed a picnic since we weren't sure that we'd have to leave the boat so we just changed directions and went for a picnic on Lidingö, the island where our marina is.   We drive by many lovely perches in our boat so we decided to find these big rocks that are a perfect place to hang out.  We successfully achieved our purpose and had a great day!  Tanner was thrilled to be off leash, snooping around the woods and swimming at will.  We also went into the water, which was refreshing, eventually, but man, the water is freezing cold this year.  Feels best when you get out!  But we managed to find comfortable spots on this big, beautiful rock facing the water and the sun.  Tanner is like his mama...he likes to lie on a towel in the sunshine!  We read, slept, relaxed, swam, played with the dog, and soaked in the real summer feeling of the day.  I even got sunburned!
Tonight I feel summer satisfied!  A wonderful day outside followed by a delicious dinner at home and a dose of the Olympic Games on TV. Tanner is utterly exhausted and has a sore leg.  We're all ready for a good night of sleep.  Hope more days like this are in the forecast.  It is so refreshing for me and I need to keep filling my tank with light and sunshine before it all goes away in the winter.