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Friday, July 20, 2012

Picnic in the Park...or Not

The better part of today was a beautiful, sunny, dare I say warm day!  I worked in the morning while admiring the sunshine.  I had a fun lunch outside, in the sunshine, whilst working on Wacky Wednesday games with a friend from church.  I walked home in the sunshine and spent a couple of hours reading outside in the sunshine.  Hence, the thought that we should go on a picnic tonight and enjoy the sunshine was not really such a stretch.  (The Finnmaster is sick right now.  boo.  Motor trouble.  boo.  Can't get a hold of the service providers because hardly anyone works in July in Sweden.  boo.  But I digress. boo.)  So, we walked to the store, bought yummy picnic supplies, loaded up the dog and the car and drove out to Djurgården.  We arrived at Rosendal's Trädgården in time to find a table under a large umbrella which was timely since it started to pour minutes after our arrival.  
We thought it would pass.  So we ate our nice picnic supper surrounded by raindrops.  Tanner wasn't so happy.  He really hates the rain.  But we really, really, really thought it was just a passing shower and so held out for sunnier skies.  Alas, after a short abatement, the skies re-opened and it poured and poured.  We realized that even if it did clear soon, everything was soaking wet and thus we piled back into the car and came home.  Now I'm sipping Caribou decaf that I have stashed in my cupboard and watching the day's action from the British Open.  Not a bad way to spend Friday night.  At least we're warm and dry.  And Tanner is happy. (: