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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gröna Lund: A Chance to Be Kids

Just for fun, Thursday night, we decided to go to the amusement on the water here in Stockholm.   We went with our good buddies, Judy and Olle whose son Sean works there.  We had not been for years and we were reminded of its charm.  
Doug was so excited after we got our tickets!
It's old and small and very much in the spirit of an old fashioned amusement park.  They've added modern, crazy rides but overall, it remains a lovely little place in our town.
Throughout the summer, they host concerts.  Looks like a relative will be making an appearance later this summer!
We went on two roller coasters, one named Insane that flips you upside as it jerks around hairpin turns.  It was insane.  The other, Jetliner, is one the best classic roller coasters I've been on.  Big climb, huge drop, fast turns.  Very fun.  Additionally, we rode "Blå Tåget", The Blue Train.  That ride deserves a blog all to itself so click here for further info.  We rounded out the evening with a ride on The Swings...a great old ride that takes you up and out over the water and gives you gorgeous views of our beautiful city.  
The men tried their hand at the carnival games but neither one won a giant stuffed animal.  
It ended up being a beautiful evening. It was a perfect place to watch the beautiful late summer sky work its magic.  It was even warmish so we walked both ways and took in the beauty all along the way.  The half moon hanging over the city at 10.00 p.m. was breathtaking.  
It was a totally different evening for us and we really had fun.  I screamed like a kid on all the rides and have now not been able to speak for 2 days.  Still, it was very fun to join the younger set and enjoy a fun evening with our friends.