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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

The last day before I departed for the US we had the graduating seniors over for a bbq.  There is a great tradition in Sweden of the graduates taking part in something called Utspring: literally, running out! On their final day of school, they gather together and burst through the front doors of their school, wearing their graduation caps and shouting with joy in having accomplished this milestone. We often attend the Utspring and subsequent receptions that are held, but this year due to our travel schedule, we will miss all of the festivities. It feels a bit sad to me that we won't be around to celebrate these students so that's why we decided to have them to us!
It was a glorious day and we were able to be outside in our backyard. Doug grilled chicken and we enjoyed some fine conversation around the table. We ate this yummy cake afterwards!  Some of the students are going to university in the US next year. Some are staying here and working or studying in a Swedish university while, others are looking at the UK. Like many kids who finish high school, some are not quite sure yet what next year will hold them. Its a big time of decision making for them and it is important to us that they feel that Immanuel church is their church, even if they decide to move somewhere else for a season of life! They are bright, articulate, wonderful kids and some of them we have known for a very long time. Most of the graduates this year have been through confirmation with us as well so they are special group, one who we feel we know quite well. We wish them all the joy and success they deserve!
Afterwards we took the dog for a walk down to his favorite swimming hole.  It was as hot as a middle of summer day and if I had had my swimsuit, I would've jumped right in with Tanner.  It was the first time we had been down to this beautiful park this season and it too holds great promise for us as the summer months begin to unfold.
Beautiful boats gliding by, the sunlight sparkling off the shining sea, a crazy labrador swimming after sticks and shaking water all over us...ahh, it must summer in Stockholm.  An added bonus right now is beautiful lilac in full bloom casting its intoxicating scent all over the city.