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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cruisin' the Baltic: The Ship

Groupon ran a special deal on a 4 night cruise aboard a Russian Ferry that leaves from Stockholm called The St. Peter Line.  We had been interested in giving this little adventure a try so we jumped at the chance.  The ship was old and small, our room measuring a cozy 9 meters square!  But if you made efficient use of every space, you could actually get quite comfortable!  The entertainment on board featured high quality Russian dancers who were delightful to watch night after night, a decent saxophone player and an absolutely miserable singer!  We were duly entertained on board!  The evening buffet proudly served Russian delights and for fish lovers, it was a great spread.  Given that we aren't big fans of herring, mackeral, gravad lax, or smoked fish, we ate salad and bread and cheese!  I did however try both types of caviar and even liked the black one and had it again!The main courses were generally OK, with beef stroganoff being the signature dish which was served twice and very good.  Of course, vodka and caviar were served at every meal!  The views of the sea as we dined were delightful and all in all, we enjoyed the opportunity to visit Estonia, Russia, and Finland in such a short amount of time.